Our Story

Where it all started.

Chateau D'Vour was founded by Mr Nausherwaan Bhatti in the year 2024. A visionary who strived to build something different – a collaborative team environment with a strong focus on client satisfaction and long-term relationships. We've evolved into a trusted and professional team consisting of Property Consultants, Marketing Specialists, Administrators, Customer Service Experts, and more.


Understanding and effectively managing your assets is crucial for any business. Here at Chateau D'Vour Real Estate, we offer a comprehensive system to categorize and track your owned, rented, and sold assets, providing a clear picture of your overall holdings.
Choices Of Listing
At Chateau D'Vour Real Estate, we understand that every property in the UAE market is unique, just like the clients we serve. That's why we offer a variety of listing templates designed to showcase your property, catering to the specific demands of the UAE market.
Advanced Search
In today's information age, the internet is a vast ocean of data. Finding the exact information, you need can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. This is where advanced search techniques come in – your secret weapon for navigating the online world efficiently and effectively.
Powerful Filters
In our digital age, information bombards us from every corner of the internet. Social media feeds overflow, email inboxes bulge, and online shopping platforms present endless options. This information overload can be overwhelming, making it difficult to find what we truly need.


At Chateau D’Vour Real Estate, we understand that owning a property is a significant investment. Many people dream of their property value increasing over time, but what exactly drives this growth are factors like supply demand economic growth and investment with Chateau D'Vour Real Estate.

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